About NurseryPeople

Nursery people is a coalition. A place where nursery people, wholesalers, retailers, landscapers and people who just love plants, can come together, share insight and find the plants and nurseries that grow them.

About Searching

On this website, you can find plants, nurseries and nursery suppliers from throughout the United States and Canada. We do our best to keep the information on this site as up to date as possible, but if something is wrong, we appreciate it when people suggest edits and contribute to the website, by adding your companies and posts to the post area.

Extra Features

If you register for an account on the site, you can leave reviews on companies and plants, and even favorite companies and plants that you are a fan of to easily find info about them in the future in your favorites section.

Do you think of something you want to include on the website? Send us an email with your suggestion here and we will take it seriously into consideration as we continue development of the site.